Decode 100% of your DNA & Genes

Every human is a unique individual made up of DNA and Genes.

According to science today, it takes approx. 5 months to decode 100% of the DNA and Genes of an individual. There is more than 300GB of sequenced data about YOU as a unique human and individual.

The luxury product WHO AM I offers you an invaluable contribution to a beautiful, healthy & long life with the best quality of life. Use this innovation for more safety, health and prevention. WHO AM I gives you the unique opportunity to discover all known genetic disease risks before they break out and even prevent them if possible.

For the optimal effect of your medicines, the dosage can be individually adjusted based on the DNA.

WHO AM I is the one and only commercial product in the world that:
1.Decodes 100% of your individual DNA and GENES

2.Delivers the world´s best DNA based holistic health and wellness analysis about you including advise and recommendations for an optimal lifestyle presented in an amazing book that is either 24K gold-plated or made of 24K gold.

3.Delivers the 100% decoded DNA Data about you that we call your “Digital Clone” in a 24 K gold-plated chip for further use.

One of the most exclusive items or presents in the world.


The complete genomic DNA analysis is carried out after extensive consultation in certified, state-of-the-art laboratories. 

For WHO AM I , all of the approximately 6.4 billion base pairs and approximately 23,000 genes from the genome are analyzed and interpreted based on current scientific 

studies and our professional expertise.

This is the most comprehensive DNA analysis you can get worldwide. All known genetic disease risks can be detected by WHO AM I. In addition, new mutations are reliably detected and evaluated according to their health relevance.

The goal of predictive genetic testing is to identify genetic risks of disease before the disease manifests and, in the best case, to prevent the disease.

According to current knowledge, not all disease risks can be completely prevented, but often the onset of the disease can be significantly delayed, or knowledge of the disease risk can make life planning easier.


Are you taking any drugs regularly? 

Do you want to ensure that they are effective and optimally dosed? 

A standard dose may be ineffective for some people and may already cause noticeable side effects in others. Each person reacts differently to medicines because of their own DNA. 

Thanks to scientific studies in the field of PHARMACOGENOMICS, WHO AM I can analyze your DNA and make recommendations on drug efficacy and individual dose 

adjustment before you even take the drug.

The I AM book contains a list of numerous active pharmaceutical substances in the chapter PHARMACOGENOMICS, which gives recommendations on drug selection and dose adjustment. 

This means that you can be sure that you are taking the right medicine in the optimal dosage.


WHO AM I gives you an overview of the genetic disease risks you have and the corresponding recommendations for prevention.

This personalized information is collated in an elegantly designed, high-quality book which contains the results of the complete genomic DNA analysis.

The “I Am” book with dimensions of 43cmx29,5cm is bookended by gold bonded front and back covers which are either 24K gold-plated or made of 24K gold. This makes the book one of the most valuable and extraordinary books in the world.

That said, the main value is what´s inside. You will learn on over 120 pages among other things: Information about Diseases, Drugs & Prevention

  • Overview of all analyzed genetic mutations, classified according to „benign“ and „pathogenic“ variants
  • Chapters on all important organs including relevant genetic variants of the genome
  • Detailed information, interpretations and practical recommendations for all detected „pathogenic“ mutations
  • Recommendation for drug selection and individual dose adjustment
  • All statements in the book are based on scientific studies and these sources are presented transparently and comprehensibly.
  • The content of the book is approved by highly respected doctors, who are also available for questions, assistance and personal advice,
1 TB DNA Data


In the middle of the book cover you will find a data carrier on which your personal 6.4 billion base pairs and approximately 23,000 genes are stored in decrypted and digitized form.
We call it your Digital Clone because 100% of your DNA and Gene information are digitalized on this chip.


Once you purchased “Who am I” your personal assistant will be happy to guide and assist you.

During the consultation you will receive the unique DNA KIT, which contains the declaration of content as well as three buccal swabs.

Our laboratory only needs your buccal swabs for your DNA analysis – no blood. You will also be informed during the consultation how to take your DNA sample.
Taking the sample is simple, fast and safe.
Back shipped at our laboratory our genetic scientists need 5-6 months to decode 100% of your DNA and Genes, to analyze, to produce the book and chip, and to deliver.

Please contact us to take advantage of all the benefits of our exclusive packages and request an individual offer. Please use the contact form for this purpose.


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