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Every person is unique and when testing more than 50 different genes, there are more than several hundred trillion potentially different outcomes, of which only one applies to you. 

Each unique genetic profile has different strengths and weaknesses and requires different substances and micronutrients for optimal health.

DNA Snack


MY DNA – SNACK is a genetically customized micronutrient mixture with the aim of using your innate strengths and compensating for your inherited genetic weaknesses. Take your personalized micronutrient mixture to supply your body with the nutrients it needs.

All personalized micronutrients that you require daily come in an individual mixed sleeve. You can purchase a 30 / 60 / 90 or 180-day package of “Your DNA” nutrition.

1 bag per day has the perfect mixture for your personal DNA profile. Simply put the pellets of 1 bag over your daily breakfast, cereals, in a yoghurt or dessert.

MY DNA SNACK - Proper care throughout the day

The wrong dosage can quickly result in the body receiving insufficient micronutrients.
Therefore, the micronutrient supplements must release the correct micronutrients into the body at the correct time.

MY DNA SNACK - Optimized uptake of all nutrients

We also know that certain micronutrients can increase each other’s absorption, therefore they are released together from the same micro-transporter so that absorption of the micronutrients is maximized, e.g. vitamin D and calcium. 

Certain fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin E need fat carriers in order to be absorbed into the body. For this reason, we recommend taking vitamin E preparations with a fat-containing meal so that the vitamin E can dissolve in the dietary fat and be absorbed into the body. 

The microtransporters will store the vitamin E for hours until they come into contact with fat and then be absorbed.

Optimized absorption into the blood stream

Proper absorption of micronutrients is a complex issue since many of the substances can inhibit each other’s absorption. 

Therefore, the exact location and rate of micronutrient release in the intestine is important.


Your personalized supplement consists of a variety of different raw materials, which are selected and processed according to the highest quality standards. 

Special attention is paid to bioavailability (how well and quickly the micronutrient can be absorbed by the body), compatibility and purity.


Vitamins and minerals can be obtained from various sources. On one hand, there are the pharmaceutical preparations containing vitamins, minerals, and salts produced in chemical reactions and then purified. On the other hand, there are the natural, biological resources. Plants, which contain a high concentration of these micronutrients are harvested and then concentrated. The resulting extract is then highly enriched with the desired vitamin. Pharmaceutically manufactured, as well as natural vitamins, have their advantages and disadvantages. Pharmaceutically manufactured vitamins are usually in higher doses and have a longer expiration period. The higher dosage can be concentrated in smaller quantities, thereby reducing the required tablet size. They are also produced as pure vitamins, allowing for very simple and accurate dosing. As a drawback, they often have a lower bioavailability. Biological micronutrients have the advantage of better bioavailability, i.e. they are absorbed in the body much faster and better. They are usually better tolerated and represent a natural alternative due to their biological origin. As a disadvantage, even highly concentrated extracts still contain only small amounts of a particular vitamin. For this reason, a larger volume is needed to supply the body with a certain quantity of a vitamin. The tablet size is thus significantly bigger, particularly when it comes to supplying a multitude of different vitamins and minerals in one tablet. Your personalized micronutrient mixture takes advantage of both sources and combines them into a single product. A large proportion (about 80%) of the micronutrients that are used are from biological sources. This imparts a better bioavailability and an improved tolerability of the product.

The disadvantage is that a larger volume of micro-transporters must be taken as a daily dose. However, for better long-term stability, lower volume and more accurate dosing, some pharmaceutically manufactured vitamins and minerals are also used (about 20% of the total mixture). In this way, your personalized product offers the best of both micronutrient sources.

The magnesium used in your mixture is made from pure seawater and not chemically produced magnesium salts. Thus, it has better bioavailability and is free of contaminants.


Your micronutrient mixture consists of a large number of important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which control various functions in the body. 

Based on your genetic analysis, we evaluate some of these substances as more important or less important to your health, and adjust the dosage of the product accordingly.

Here you can see a complete list of the effects you can expect from your mix according to current scientific information:

Info: In the European Union, micronutrient effect statements are strictly regulated and must be specifically approved.

This list includes the permissible effect promises of this product. Other effects from studies have not yet been sufficiently scientifically confirmed by the EU and are expressly NOT indicated as an effect of this product.

The effects of this product are limited to this list only. No other aspects of this booklet flow into the effects of the product, and it is in no way suggested that certain genetic analysis results cause additional healing effects that reach beyond this list.

My DNA Snack DNA-Kit


Once you purchased MY DNA SNACK you will receive a DNA Testing-Kit that contains the declaration of content as well as three buccal swabs. Our laboratory only needs your buccal swabs for your DNA analysis.

Back shipped at our laboratory our genetic scientists need 4-6 weeks to analyze your DNA and to produce your personalized MY DNA SNACK.

Order your personalized DNA MICRO-NUTRITION now for a perfect lifestyle.

30 days package  >> starting from 230 Euro
60 days package  >> starting from 320 Euro
90 days package  >> starting from 400 Euro
180 days package >> starting from 740 Euro

The additional cost of the DNA TEST including a detailed report is 290 Euros once.
The once DNA TEST is required to produce your personalized DNA-MICRO-NUTRITION.

Please contact us to take advantage of all the benefits of our exclusive MY DNA SNACK Package and request an individual offer for delivery to your country. Please use the contact form for this purpose.


MY DNA Snack 


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